We would like to dedicate the publication of this file specification to the memory of Dr. Edmund Glaser in appreciation for devoting his career of more than four decades to the field of neuroscience. In 1963, he co-invented and patented the Image-Combining Computer Microscope and pioneered the method of quantifying 3D neuronal morphometry. This technology applied computer techniques to neuroanatomical research, permitting scientists to precisely quantify the brain’s three-dimensional structure. In 1987, Dr. Glaser co-founded the company MicroBrightField (now MBF Bioscience) with his son, Jacob (Jack) Glaser. Over the ensuing decades, reconstructing neuronal structures was reduced from hours to minutes and measurement precision was able to achieve sub-micron accuracy. Large assemblies of neuronal networks can now be examined in quantitative detail in three dimensions. Dr. Edmund Glaser’s accomplishments in the development of computer microscopy and his contributions to neuromorphological reconstruction were unparalleled and essential to the formulation of this file format.


Angstman, P. J., Tappan, S. J., Sullivan, A. E., Thomas, G. C., Rodriguez, A., Hoppes, D. M., Abdul-Karim, M. A., Heal, M. L., Glaser, J.R