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The neuromorphological file format is a machine-readable format for representing digital reconstructions and models of microscopic anatomies. The unique data structure has a direct impact on microanatomical models, analytics, and data reusability. It’s relevant, systematic, and flexible nature demonstrates its effectiveness as a solution for the microscopic anatomy morphology data standard. The framework is suitable for representing models commonly found in research on a number of topics, including neuromorphology, vascular networks, and neuroanatomy.

Explore 3D neuronal, vascular, and anatomical reconstructions on your web browser with this integrated viewer.

Zoom, pan, and rotate in a dynamic 3D environment to investigate the segmentation data in the Neuromorphological File Format.


Development for the neuromorphological file format is coordinated by an elected editorial board and central developer team. Learn more about the development process and community organization procedures that are followed by the neuromorphological file community.



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For information about the neuromorphological file format, ask questions on the MBF Bioscience user forum for the Neuromorphological File Specification.. For information about neuromorphological file format’s development and governance, contact nmf-editors@mbfbioscience.com.

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